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Graphic Design

Aurea Media offers high impact custom design for your project.
From the most basic layout to get the point across to a more
captivating design to stand out on the store shelf. Aurea Media
will work within your budget and deliver competitive results.

DVD Authoring

Provide Aurea Media your finished video content and general
layout for menu, sub-pages and chapters points and we can
create an appealing interface for your movie or presentation.
CD Mastering

The final step of any recording should never be overlooked.
Mastering is the icing on the cake and without it your recording
will sound bland, low in volume and your performance will lack
clarity and presence.  Aurea Media has many options to suit your
needs and your budget.
Templates and Guidlines

If you are designing your own artwork and you have decided to use
Aurea Media for your CD or DVD order then please follow our graphic
guidelines in this section and be sure to use only our templates when
designing your layout.
Upload Graphics

After your artwork is completed according to the templates and
guidelines - compress your files in a archived folder using winzip,
zipit or a similar file compression program and upload to us.
Upload Master

If you prefer sending your master digitally instead of delivering a physical
master you can choose this method. There are some risks inherent with
digital delivery of certain ISO types so please read the instructions
carefully. ISO files over 2GB not recommended.
UPC Barcode

Your product needs a UPC barcode if you plan to sell in a retail store
or an online store like Be sure you leave some space on the
back cover of your design if you will need a barcode and Aurea Media will
place it before your artwork is printed. UPC barcodes are free for most
CD and DVD orders.
Recording Studio

Aurea Media houses one of Calgary's premier recording facilities.
With five separate isolation booths and a large main studio we can
accommodate most any project. A large collection of mic's and microphone
pre-amps, four fully independent headphone mixes and much more.
Studio DAW
Alternative to
Adobe Photoshop
Alternative to
Adobe Illustrator
Alternative to
Adobe Photoshop
Alternative to
Adobe Photoshop
Serif Suite
of Software
Make ISO's for
uploading your master
Rehearsal Studio

Housing two rooms fully equipped with PA, drum kit, mics and floor monitors
Aurea Media can help your band get ready for the next gig. With a selection
of amplifiers, guitars and keyboards for rent we can have a rehearsal room set-up
to your needs before the band arrives. With a central location, great gear,
relaxed atmosphere and competitve rates makes Aurea Media the perfect
choice for your next rehearsal.
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